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This site is all about dolls. More precisely - collectable dolls. And most preciseley - 11 inch collectable dolls.

Most of us know such dolls thanks to Barbie dolls by Mattel. Matte produces not only toy dolls but collectable dolls too. There are a few companies in the world producing collectable dolls. In our collection we have dolls by Integrity Toys, Tonner, Picket Fence, Ignite.

Authors of this site collected about fifty dolls. We collect not only dolls but dolls furiture and accessories. We like to put our dolls in different interiors. We dress our dolls in clothes that not always purchased but made by our own.

Doll stories is the best way to show dolls. Stories allow to show collectable doll in different clothes, interiors and situations.

Dolls Fun. Collectable dolls and doll stories

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